Network Cafe, Dublin

My first blog and naturally it’s going to be about a coffee shop. I’m pretty sure I run on coffee, my body needs coffee like it needs oxygen. Went home for a weekend and wondered why I was so grumpy to discover my mother had switched us to decafe, not a cool move.

My trip out for coffee today sums up how quickly Dublin can mess with you. Beautiful blue skies when I got up, I go out, order my TAKEAWAY coffee and get rained on. Not just a light drizzle, I got soaked! Not the lovely walk I was looking forward to while I enjoyed my coffee. And now as I type this up it’s sunny…sounds about right!

Network Café (, however, was everything I was expecting. This lovely café has only been open for a few months now but it’s already a great success. I img_20161017_140426arrived and found it packed out! I knew I would fall in love with this place as soon as I walked in; there coffee machine is blue adding a great splash of colour! And it’s adorable! It is located opposite the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) where I spotted many a student with their Network cups (which are equally as cute as the café making them very noticeable). The service was perfect, the lady at the counter was friendly and welcoming. They do a mixture of single origin coffee which changes and there house blend. I went for their house blend flat white and it was great! It was creamy with a slight bitter taste which I enjoy. Their house blend is roasted by 3FE which is a Dublin based coffee roaster. It’s great to see how the local businesses supporting each other.

img_20161017_140339Watching the barista make the filter coffee is just an art. From freshly grinding the beans and heating the filter pot you can tell they truly care about how your coffee tastes. As I was planning on a lovely walk I didn’t get any of their baked goods or sandwiches which right now I am totally regretting, they looked incredible. I’ve started one of their loyalty cards knowing I will be coming back…A LOT! And politeness was rewarded with a few cheeky extra stamps…


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