The Fat Fox Cafe, Dublin

img_20161018_154641The Fat Fox (, what a brilliant name, is located on Camden Row, one of the many streets in the area that doesn’t look like much until you walk down it. This lovely café opened in September and is already doing incredibly well. And you can see why – friendly staff, baked goods and GREAT Baobab coffee!! I had a lovely little chat with the staff and they make you feel so welcome. The decor is a green/blue combo with lots of palm type leaves as the wallpaper, giving the café a topical and cosy feel. It’s open Monday – Friday 7.00-16.00 so really working the office crowd. A bit of a shame if you don’t live nearby or work too far away. Though this is pretty common in Dublin with many cafes at least closed on Sundays. The baguettes always sell well with a mixture of veggie and meat options. They also have some lovely more breakfast options such as their overnight oats. All of their img_20161018_154510products seem reasonably priced too which is always nice to see in Dublin. I think we will see great things coming from this kitchen and I look forward to seeing what they come up with! You can also peek through to the kitchen while you wait for you coffee. There isn’t any seating but I don’t see this being a problem for them as there are lots of nice areas to walk around with your coffee. I do recommend to take your coffee for a walk a lot but I just love having a hot drink while I mosey around. Saying this on some days, presumably if the weather is good enough, they have a few stools outside. I fell in love with the Fox picture they had propped up by the till! Though I do have a soft spot for foxes…or fox if you’re my sister in law. And they are right, they are FANTASTIC!


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