The Fumbally, Dublin

Dublin is saturated with coffee shops and I’m loving it!! It was hard to choose where to go so I went for a name that made me smile, The Fumbally ( It’s located just past St Patrick’s Cathedral which makes for a great walk in the sunshine! The Fumbally has a unique atmosphere with large glass windows and large sharing tables. It gets very busy at the weekends and you will soon see why. Grab a seat where you can and order up at the counter.

Sunday Brunch is one of my favourite meals, well brunch any day of the week actually but on Sundays seem particularly special. I went for a simple longimg_20160910_103412 black, which turned out not to be simple at all. Using 3FE coffee it was full bodied with a beautiful crema. I find some long blacks can be watery and well not coffee like. Drives me made when you order a coffee in the morning and it’s diluted black wash. But The Fumbally WOW, it was a great way to start and led to high hopes for the food! Green Eggs and Ham, a not so original name, but after the first bite that is all forgotten! The scrambled eggs where creamy and the chorizo so crispy. I wanted it to go on forever! The colours of the tomatoes and avocado were so vibrant. They use a lot of organic products as well as local producers. It’s good to see local businesses supporting other local businesses.

You can see why the café is so popular with locals and tourists alike.


From here I walked up to St Patrick’s Park which is situated outside of St Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s the biggest church in Ireland taking around 80 years to build. It’s stunning! Especially when the sun is shining. It’s a popular park which makes for some great people watching. There are lots of dog walkers which is ridiculously cute to watch while soaking up some of the rarely seen sun rays in Dublin. I recommend anyone who visits to take at least a stroll through the green.

The Fumbally followed by St Patrick’s Park is a great way to start a Sunday Morning. If you don’t have time for food grab a coffee for your walk, you won’t regret it.



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