P. Mac’s, Dublin – beer and games!

P Mac’s is a super cute bar with a great menu. It’s located in the centre of the Creative Quarter of Dublin. So why not pop in after a bit of shopping. Or before because nothing can go wrong with a little drinking before boutique shopping, right?!

It has probably become one of my favourite bars of all time! Bold statement I know but they have a huge range of craft beers and board games. It’s got a cozy warm atmosphere when you walk in with candles on every table and only  a little natural light. It’s open 12.00-00.00 Sunday to Thursday and until 1am Friday and Saturday!

We went for one of the tables by the window to enjoy some of the rare sunshine while we played one of their board games. They have quite a few choices including Monopoly, Scrabble and Guess Who!! We went for Guess Who as I’m a child but also we didn’t want to be there all afternoon playing Monopoly!  While we were there they were currently updating there range of beers making it a little harder to choose as we couldn’t just sit and read the menu.  We both went for a draft beer, I went for BrewDog’s Born to Die 04.11.16 IMG_20161027_112610.jpgand the boy went for a Grunt by Hope Beer. As mine was 8.5% I only went for a half…very sensible of me I think! Which definitely makes a change. The Born to Die was a traditional BrewDog beer: super hoppy with lots of pine and resins notes coming through in the flavour. The Grunt was a saison and so was slight tart and sour but had a nice gooseberry flavour. We also got some of their chips with aioli dip, they were so good! We didn’t get
any of their mains, they looked pretty pricey but when we saw the table next to us get theirs you could make sense of the price – the portions were massive! I think you could almost get away with sharing a main…almost being the main word there, the boy doesn’t share food so we would always have to get our own. Obviously the staff were friendly and helpful. They lovely lady said we could take over a bigger table to play our game at even though we were only two. We didn’t but it was nice of her to suggest it. She also offered to suggest some beers so we didn’t have to go up to the bar but the boy enjoys doing exactly that so we declined her offer but it’s so good to see the staff so well informed.

Great beer, great games and great food, so why are you waiting, go!



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