LEGIT Coffee, Dublin

The name sums this place up really, LEGIT coffee co (https://www.facebook.com/LEGIT-Coffee-Co-1674469519458573/). It’s honest, good coffee. It’s a small cute little café img_20160909_090734situated on Meath Street in Dublin 8. Meath Street is an interesting one, I personally would have probably not have gone down there if I didn’t know LEGIT was there. The coffee shop is the perfect place to take a book or plan a trip. There are a couple of tables up the front with lots of natural light and overlooking the counter making it hard to say no to their baked goods (sausage rolls, cakes and pastries!). I snuck in and got myself a table at the back and made myself at home before ordering at the counter – a flat white and pain au chocolat. I had been craving a good pain au chocolat for weeks and this hit the spot perfectly. It had beautiful lamination, making a crisp shell to hold the lovely chocolate in. The room at the back where I was sat was long and thin. My step dad would not have enjoyed it too much as you really only stare at a wall. He makes me move tables if I pick one where he has to look at a wall, you would think he doesn’t like my company and needs something else to look at. There is some lovely art work which dresses it up but not a people watching spot, hence the need for a book if you’re on your own. The coffee here is roasted by Baobab which is located in Celbridge, Co Kildare (approx. half an hour outside of Dublin). They work hard to bring Ireland great coffee and they achieve it here. They sell sandwiches too which look amazing but I didn’t go for one (this time!) though I definitely will be returning for lunch soon! Also if you’re looking for other things to do, the Guinness Storehouse is only a 10 minute walk away. You can do a tour here, and obviously have a Guinness!


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