The Cake Cafe, Dublin 

​The Cake Café ( has the cutest sun trap court yard with a lot colourful tables which is why I was drawn to go here. I found myself a table inside next to the window thinking outside might may be too chilly. I promptly spent the next 30 minutes melting in the sun! But it was nice regardless. Better too warm than too cold in my world. They have all there cakes and sweet treats displayed up on the counter making it impossible to say no to something. I follow them on Instagram and saw they made meringues with lemon curd in the morning, I had to try them. I have to say it was a little pricy. It was €7.05 for the meringue and an oolong tea. Don’t get me wrong it was beautiful but felt that it was a bit much. I do understand why, they make all there cakes in their bakery with Irish ingredients but yes, a bit much this time. The lemon curd was perfectly sharp which complimented the sweetness of the meringue. And I always love fresh fruit with my meringue, it reminds me of my Nanna at Christmas time. The oolong tea was nice, nothing really to report it was just nice. With all the beautiful crockery it was shame that the tea pot was just plain white. It felt as if they almost forgot that people would order anything other than their cakes and just picked a random teapot with no thought or feeling. I felt this took away from the rest of the café. Even if it had just been one block colour it would have been better than the plain white. It would have felt as if they wanted everything to be pretty instead of just the one plate. 

A definite plus side of the bakery is that it’s environmentally friendly! They use rain water to flush there toilets. Its might not seem like much but it’s great seeing cafes make an effort because in the end a small thing is always better than nothing. 

The plate that it was served on was gorgeous. As soon as I finished I had to flip it over to see who it was made by! I was curious if you could buy it from them. Designed by Pony Ltd ( for the café I knew I was on to something. The design, “A tale of city-crossed lovers”, is available to buy from the cake café online store for €16. When I’m rich I might have to get myself one. They also do a lovely range of other bits such as tea towels, aprons and cushions. They do whole cakes in a range of sizes and flavours as well as savoury platters. They even do prosecco if you’re feeling a bit fancy.

In all, it was nice…and I’ve used that and lot I feel while writing this, it’s just because it was exactly that – nice. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, there just wasn’t anything amazing about it either…


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