Four Winters – London

When you’re friend loves ice cream you obviously have to find a new place to take her each time! Thankfully for me the Meringue Girls, who I’m absolutely in love with, where doing a collaboration with Four Winters. So my mind was made for me – Meringues and Ice Cream, with a Christmas theme, perfect!


Four Winters have just opened a new store in Soho, London which made the perfect location for a stop before the theatre! So a bit about them…they use the best ingredients they can and change their flavours seasonally. I believe they started in the Jordan and their first store in the U.K. was Kensington! They use liquid nitrogen to freeze the cream right in front of you whisking it to a smooth ice cream in the beautiful KitchenAid.

The Soho store was great, the lady was so friendly and didn’t mind my one hundred photos and questions! I obviously went for the Meringue Girl’s mince pie colab and my friend went for a smore. It was amazing! So smooth! And with a whole mince pie in you couldn’t wish for more! I highly recommend going before it becomes too popular as I can see it taking a while to make each one!

Sorry this was short, been getting ready for Christmas and holiday! Off to Cuba now (literally on the plane!) have a great Christmas!


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