Urban Larder, Cambridge, UK

A few weeks ago I was passing through Cambridge in the morning on my way to London. Sounds like a bit of an odd route as I am now in Dublin but as a friend of mine lives there it worked nicely! We got some breakfast at the lovely Urban Larder (http://www.urbanlarder.coffee/). I’ve been following them on Instagram for about a year now and I was super excited to finally go. They have a wide menu from cakes to bagels to salads, plus all the chutneys and condiments you could need. They also sell the chutneys, jams and all the other condiment to take away too. I couldn’t get any this time as I only had hand luggage for my return.

I went for the Smoked Salmon Bagel, I was on holiday after all (ish, it was a work day and I wasn’t at work so it counts in my eyes). Coffee was an Americano as I can’t justify too much milk when I knew I would be eating a lot in London! They were both fantastic, as I img_20170116_142158_379write this my stomach is rumbling craving for it all over again. The bagel was toasted to perfection and still warm when it arrived. It had the perfect layer of cream cheese and they definitely didn’t scrimp on the smoked salmon. Their coffee is roasted by Butterworth and Son which is based in Bury St Edmond, approx. 30 miles away from the shop, so almost local! They also won “Micro-Roastery Espresso” award by Caffeine Magazine. And it did not disappoint. It was perfectly balanced, smooth coffee making it incredibly easy to drink. Unfortunately I didn’t have time for another, though maybe that was a good thing as I might have never left otherwise. My friend did make me feel a tad guilty as she only had toast. It was beautifully presented on a wooden board with jam and butter. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, though the toasted could have been warmer. But let’s be honest here, you’re never going to get piping hot straight from the toaster toast in any café!img_20170116_142343_267
The décor is adorable! They use a label maker to do all of their food labels which I absolutely love. My sister got me in to the idea, even though I have yet to purchase one it is on my list of things to buy. You can do so much with them and Urban Larder prove that. They have a great art piece, which I assume they made themselves; a very simple Dr Seuss quote made on their label maker, printed and stuck onto plain brown paper and framed. Great idea!

They are coming up to their second birthday this year and there is no sign of them slowing down! I can’t wait to head back to Cambridge and try some more of their food…and coffee!


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