Cheap Flights – is it worth it?

I’m sat here after receiving yet another email from Ryanair saying my flight has changed. It has made me wonder, is it worth flying with these cheaper airlines? What do I actually get from it…

img_20160814_235219As it stands, I am flying back to the UK every other (ish) weekend so I have spent a lot of time on Ryanair and at the airport. Sometimes if I am lucky I fly Aer Lingus! Every time I arrive at the gate I look at the people queuing, and every time without fail I ask why? And then that well-known announcement comes on – “this flight is fully booked so you may be asked to put your bag in the hold”. And this is why people are wasting more time checking in early so they are guaranteed getting their hold on wheelie bag with them. Is it worth it?

I know I am not the only one that lives on Skyscanner looking for that cheap break to img_20160817_173901anywhere. It’s great going away for a city break, throwing your clothes into your handbag, making sure your liquids are in a plastic bag and making sure you can fit in your camera. But most of the time these flights are run by people like Ryanair. And this for me is starting to get a tad annoying! These cheap flights actually aren’t great, the planes are cramped, the landings bumpy and the service average, nice, but nothing to write home about. Compare this to Virgin or BA and it’s terrible. Not that they are rude or horrible people but they just can’t go the extra mile like these other premium companies can. So why do we accept it?

For someone like myself, I accept it because it means I can travel, see new things. But am I just fuelling the fire. If I stopped, started paying that extra €20 would they up their game, upgrade their planes so they can fit on everyone’s bags? Look at Aer Lingus, they are relatively cheap, but I have never had a problem with space. They have managed to make themselves the halfway airline. It’s great, there is so much less stress when you are getting to your gate. But that extra €20 could buy us lunch on the first day, coffee on arrival…do I really want to spend it on a better journey when I’m going for the destination.

img_20160822_061232Everyone does complain about the food and drink being stupidly expensive, and it is. They are running a business after all. So many companies will charge more if they are the only ones serving that one item but we don’t seem to keep up as much of a fuss then! It’s really down to you to plan a little better and pack yourself a lunch to take on the plane. Or pick something up in the airport? Or you know, survive 2 hours without eating? So this doesn’t bug me as much as it seems to upset most. Just plan better! It’s really not that hard! Tad more understanding if you’re going a bit further, but still you can pack food.

People always say – you can pay to take luggage so you don’t have to queue, you can pay for the food so you aren’t hungry and you can pay for extra leg room. So at this moment I would have added at least €30 onto my flight. So by the time I’ve done all of this I could afforded the better airline. But here I am, not paying for these things struggling away and taking the smallest bag possible. All so I have the extra money to spend at the place I actually want to see. And that’s why however much I (and everyone I fly with) complains about them we will always fly with airlines like Ryanair.

But let’s be honest here, if I could afford to fly all the time with companies like BA I would. Without hesitation. It might seem like a waste of money to some, “It’s only a few hours of your life!”, but that’s it a few hours add up and if I can make the journey as nice (well more relaxed!) as the destination I would. It’s just a great way to start any trip! You arrive relaxed and ready to start your break!

What are your thoughts? Do you always pay that bit more? Or stick with the cheaper airlines?


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