​Fade Street Social, Tapas Bar, Dublin

I heard a lot about Fade Street when I moved to Dublin. But before I go any further this is not one for those strapped for cash! I didn’t realise that it was all tapas, I thought the first page were mains so €13 didn’t seem too bad. Oh I was so wrong! Not just that they suggested 4-5 each. I think my jaw hit the floor, but ones you get over it (or you’re prepared for it!) just go for it, order what you want.

I went with my Dad and Step-mum and we decided to share lots of different things. This is definitely the way forward. It meant we all got a bit of everything. Some of them were a bit out there… these are just a few bits we went for –

Thinly sliced duck breast served pink with pickled kumquats,  orange dressing and handmade confit duck spring roll. Isn’t your mouth just watering just reading that! The spring roll was probably some of the best duck I’ve ever had in my life. I could have just eaten them over and over again.

The truffles hen egg was one of my favourites, not necessarily for the flavours, which don’t get me wrong was amazing, but for the presentation. It was so cute, and really well thought through. It even came with soldiers to dip in. It was dished up using the egg shell, and I loved the egg cup they serve it in. It didn’t really match the other dishes as some might think it was a t little tacky but it was right up my street!

Followed by a close second was the Chinese pork belly – this is slow cooked to perfection and comes with peanut brittle! Two of my favourite things. What’s not to love pork and peanuts.

Crispy airbags stuffed with truffle cheese wrapped in dried ham. Let’s be honest here, you would all order these out of pure curiosity. Something called crispy airbags, I just had to know what they were. There tasted nice, but to be honest, not really exciting. I wouldn’t get them again.

When ordering tapas I always get some sort of carby potato thing, I fear being hungry as I know sometimes they can be small portions. So here, we went for skinny fries with Parmesan and smoked bacon. They were delicious but totally unnecessary, we were so full from all the other dishes we hardly made a dent in them! And, well, we wanted to save room for dessert!!

Both my step-mum amd Dad have massive sweet teeth! So I was surprised when my dad said he didnt fancy anything! So even though we were stuffed, and everyone knows there is a dessert stomach for moments like this we ordered. My step-mum went for the dark and white chocolate mousse, hazelnut and orange confit which was served with toasted brioche while I went for the blackberry pavlova.  Once we ordered and they arrived, my dad promptly got a third spoon to help dig into ours. I have to say it was hard to share, it was absolutely Incredible!

The presentation of every dish was perfect! The chefs work so hard on everything and it pays off. I would highly recommend going. You can see them working away as the restaurant and kitchen are one room. I find it so hard to not just sit and watch them. As a big foodie I find it fascinating what others do in the kitchen.

One bit of advice when booking, in fact first bit of advice, book…ask for one of the tables. As much as I don’t mind the whole sharing a table with strangers thing I just feel when you are having a special meal it’s nicer to actually have your own space.

On arrival our table wasn’t actually ready but it worked out nicely as it meant we got to have drinks upstairs in the bar. Well we were meant to have drinks upstairs but the service upstairs was a little slow which meant we were heading downstairs before they arrived. Not great but it was still nice to see the bar. The drinks were also fabulous. I would probably go back here just for a couple of cocktails. Through maybe with a fair amount of time.

When ordering your food, remember that it comes out when it’s ready. You don’t have to order everything at once so you don’t have to worry about being full, or hungry keep ordering as and when you want more. It works well, except we did forget what we ordered so at one point we thought we had got our last dishes but two more arrived!

For me, as much as I loved it, it won’t become a regular place to go to…There was nothing wrong with it, in fact it was perfect. It was all very rich so I couldn’t eat it all the time even if I could afford it. But, for me, it unfortunately does come down to the fact I couldn’t afford it all the time. If you are feeling plush or celebrating something,  or deserve a treat (which I’m sure you all do!) Then I would highly recommend going.


Pergola on The Roof

What I love about London is all the unique pop ups you get in the summer! As I don’t actually live there now it’s hard to squeeze them all in, but don’t worry I do find away! 

With an afternoon free when visiting my family for a weekend, it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with a friend and go to one of these lovely places! 

First on the list was Pergola on the Roof. Situated just past Westfield Shopping centre in West London and both of us based that way it was meant to be! Also helped by the fact it was a gorgeous sunny day (annoyingly though sunglasses were forgotten!) we headed up. We didn’t have a reservation but they do have a few seats available for walk ins. They obviously aren’t as swanky as the reserved ones, just being garden folding chairs but still in did us perfectly. Like I said annoying we forgot the sunnies, the stones reflected a lot of light so I did spend a lot of time squinting at my friend! Thankfully she didn’t take too much offence to it – well I hope she didn’t!! 


Obviously the first place to start is the bar! After lots of debating we ordered two frozen margaritas…what they don’t mention is you can only get that from the main bar, frustrating but as it wasn’t busy not too irritating. They were pretty good, alcoholic slushes, what’s not to love?! Down side though, and yes we know why it’s the case, but they were served in plastic cups. When it’s around £8 a drink you would think that you would get at least a hard plastic glass but unfortunately not. This bugs me not because no one really likes drinking out of them but they aren’t exactly great for the environment. Maybe something they should think about for next year…or even their winter event! But let’s move on from that, they were refreshing which was exactly what you want on a warm summer day in London. 

After drinking and chatting food was going to happen. Starting with Breddos Tacos, we ordered a couple of Tacos (obviously haha) to share. And man, they were good! We didn’t look amazing while we ate them, but what are friends for but not to mock you while you try not to drop your food everywhere.


With the second drink in hand we then moved on to 8 Horton Square. Describing 20170507_143625themselves as Mediterranean Food Shack, you really can’t go wrong. If we are honest though, we wanted chips, picky food is what we were after but with Salt n Sauce only serving them with their fish – I don’t think they had prepared for being so busy as they did have just chips on their menu! And with Patty &a Bun being so busy we went to 8 Hoxton Square. And oh we were delighted! With them doing deep fired baby potatoes with probable the best mayo ever we felt like we had landed the jackpot. Safe to say we got our own massive bowls and polished them off easily. I think we will actually need to head to their actual restaurant to try some more of their food soon…maybe when pop up season is over! 


The atmosphere was perfect – lots of young people with friends, family lunches and definitely some first dates going on. It felt relaxed, yet energetic. There was a buzz that you only get with day drinks in the sun. 

Head up, and don’t forget those sunglasses!