Dublin Castle

My lovely flat over looks Dublin Castle, and it has taken me nearly two years to go in and actually visit it. I really regret that it took that long. I mean, I could have taken all my guests there instead of the Guinness Storehouse. I mean, I love the Storehouse but it would have been great to mix it up a bit, but it took my friend who has visited me five times to actually go.  She’s a massive history geek so perfect time to go and check it out.


The tour was great, we were lucky in the sense that we rocked up at the right time without having looked it up at all and were able to get on the guided tour. It’s only €10 each for the guided or €7 for the self guided. The guided was about an hour and 20 min, with a tour guide who was informative and a good laugh, exactly what you need when you are wondering round looking at old stuff.


With the guided tour you get to see the State Apartments, where the likes of Mandela and Queen Elizabeth II have been hosted. The Viking Excavation, which I personally love. Though it should be noted that this is not wheelchair accessible. It’s really interesting to see this part of Dublin’s history as it can be forgotten about sometimes. I think it was during a renovations that they found these chambers; you will view the Castle’s medieval curtain wall with a postern gate. But again, you can now explore but only if you take the guided tour, it’s well worth it. The Chapel Royal got it’s name after King George IV attended mass in 1821, though it is not the largest chapel in Dublin it’s architecture is fantastic. The coats of arms representing many of Ireland’s Viceroy which nerdy Felicity really enjoys! The tour guide is definitely the one who makes it so interesting which is why I would always push someone to spend the extra €3 and dot his one instead of the self guided.


On top of all this you can see the exhibitions. Obviously this will change depending on when you go. And if I am honest we didn’t go, I was too busy dying from the flu (and yes, real flu, not man flu) but the things you do for friends when they make the effort to come see you!